VPFO Strategic Plan FAQs


1. What is a strategic plan?

Strategic planning is a process that helps organizations decide what opportunities to pursue, which to stop, and how to do it over the next three to five years. It results in the creation of a strategic plan. Our strategic plan contains specific strategic priorities, is supported by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and specific action plans.

The VPFO Strategic Plan integrates with the UBC Strategic Plan. Our plan asks us to anticipate how UBC and its world will change and adapt well in advance, rather than having change thrust upon us. By taking a long-term perspective, the VPFO can look beyond our current capabilities to make decisions based on progress we expect to make over the life of the strategic plan.

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2. What are VPFO Strategic Priorities?

VPFO Strategic Plan has four priorities:

  1. Inspire Great People
  2. Deliver on Systems Renewal
  3. Provide Inspiring Spaces
  4. Lead Operational Excellence.

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3. How did we develop the strategic KPIs?

VPFO priorities provide a framework that contains the Strategic Plan’s strategic objectives, they help to contextualize the overarching aims of the VPFO. Progress towards achieving our strategic priorities is tracked by selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which were developed in collaboration with Department leaders within the VPFO.

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4. How can I request KPI data for my team?

As of June 2022, VPFO Strategic Plans, department business plans and KPIs will be available in Envisio, our cloud-based strategic and business planning software. With Envisio, VPFO teams will be able to track and update progress towards achieving our goals. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the VPFO Project Management office.

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