Giving visibility into UBC’s progress towards achieving IRP benefits

Workday is not solely a technology investment, but rather a broader people, process, and technology transformation. In 2017, the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) introduced a Benefits Realization Management (BRM) framework to identify goals and ensure that Workday delivers benefits to UBC.

The BRM framework takes a structured approach to program success, ultimately measuring the high-value desired outcomes and benefits that units and departments across UBC achieve using our new systems and processes.

  1. Identifying and agreeing to the specific outcomes to achieve that are most valuable to stakeholders and to realize the desired benefits.
  2. Defining simple, effective, and reasonable ways to measure those outcomes.
  3. Capturing the baseline, multi-year target(s), and post-implementation values of the outcome measurements.
  4. Communicating progress and success, and taking action when not on track.
  5. Facilitating ongoing measurement of outcomes, realization of benefits, and continuous improvement.

The heart of the BRM framework centers on selecting the right outcomes and measures. Following go-live, the BRM Dashboard and Scorecards give visibility into how the university is progressing towards achieving IRP benefits. Some outcomes are realized immediately while others require ongoing, long-term measurement, adoption, and improvement across UBC.