What is our Governance model?

Governance for the Centre of Excellence is provided by a committee of senior leaders representing stakeholders from across UBC, including:

Together, these leaders guide our operational excellence strategy and chart the course of cultural change across the university.

What is the Governance Committee’s role?

  1. Strategic direction: Provide direction on the development of the Operational Excellence program
  2. Project selection: Guide project selection based on key metrics and UBC’s strategic goals
  3. Monitoring: Monitor progress, key risks and implementation strategies
  4. Resources: Provide resources and funding to develop the Operational Excellence program

Why is Governance important?

Governance is key to how we manage and report on projects across UBC. It not only helps ensure our work is aligned with UBC’s strategic priorities but also provides direction on project prioritization and ensures our strategy represents the diverse perspectives of various stakeholders.

While the Centre of Excellence offers support in project execution, data gathering, and coaching, the Governance Committee is responsible for evaluating and prioritizing projects that come through the project pipeline, in the best interest of the university community.