Envisio Resources

Guiding you through Envisio

Below are some resources to help you navigate Envisio, VPFO’s strategic & business planning tool.

“How to” video tutorials

These step-by-step videos (CWL required) will help you gain a stronger understanding of Envisio’s functionality and interface. If you have never accessed these resources before, please submit a request when prompted through Sharepoint.

  1. How to sign in and customize your homepage
  2. How to navigate the homepage, plan map, and reports
  3. How to add, edit, and delete Action
  4. How to add, edit, delete Task
  5. How to create a Progress Report
  6. How to create a Tabular Report
  7. How to submit updates for Direction, Goal, and Objective
  8. How to submit updates for Action
  9. How to submit updates for Task
  10. How to submit updates for Strategic Objective

Envisio knowledge base

Browse Envisio’s searchable online knowledge base for quick answers to your questions.

Access knowledge base

Training presentations

Access the training presentation slides (CWL required) to refresh your knowledge of tracking progress on Envisio.

Access training presentation slides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s see if we can answer your questions in the FAQs below. Click on the arrow to expand to see the answer.

What is Envisio?

Envisio is a cloud-based software solution that enables users to create strategic plans and update progress — all in one place. Its built-in reporting functionality allows us to create customized ad-hoc reports to review progress.

Bringing together data across VPFO, Envisio makes it easy to analyze and visualize progress against our strategic plans.

Why was Envisio selected out of all the other tools?

Envisio is a leading strategic planning software for higher education. After researching and evaluating readily available applications in the market, we concluded Envisio is the best solution to meet our current needs in terms of functionality, user friendliness, support and cost.

Why do we need software for strategic planning? 

Bringing together data across VPFO, Envisio makes it easy to analyze and visualize progress against our strategic plans.The VPFO has built a comprehensive strategic plan. Having the right tool empowers us to put our plans into action and stay on track. Envisio serves as an all-in-one platform for departments within VPFO to develop and execute plans, track and improve performance, and communicate results both internally and to our stakeholders.

Do I need to create an account for Envisio?

You can log into Envisio (https://ubc.app.envisio.net/users/sign_in) with your UBC CWL from the main VPFO website or you can bookmark it on your web browser. For any access-related questions, please contact envisio.help@ubc.ca.

Where can I find more information about Envisio?

Envisio training was provided to individuals that manage or track activities that directly affect the Strategic or Business Plans, as identified by their supervisors. Additionally,  helpful resources including “how to” videos, presentations and knowledge base are available on the VPFO Project Management Office website.

For questions and concerns about Envisio, please contact envisio.help@ubc.ca.

Who should I contact for questions?

For any questions and concerns about accessing Envisio, contact envisio.help@ubc.ca.

For questions about department specific data, you can contact the VPFO Project Management Office.