Developing good business plans and meaningful metrics to measuring and reporting success towards the VPFO Strategic Plan.

In alignment with the UBC Strategic Plan, the VPFO Strategic Plan was created in anticipation of future changes, rather than having change thrust upon our portfolio. By taking a long-term perspective, the VPFO and each department within can look beyond our current capabilities to make decisions based on progress we expect to make over the duration of the strategic plan.

For our last strategic plan, progress towards achieving our strategic priorities was tracked by selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Currently, departments in VPFO are in the process of developing business plans and corresponding KPIs. As of June 2022, VPFO Strategic Plans, department business plans and KPIs will be available in Envisio, our cloud-based strategic and business planning software. With Envisio, VPFO teams will be able to track and update progress towards achieving our goals.