Measuring and benchmarking end-to-end processes at UBC

Founded in 2009, the UniForum program is a benchmarking initiative that leverages the power of knowledge sharing, to enable widespread service improvement in universities worldwide.

UniForum@UBC collects information to better understand — at an organization level — our services and activities, and how those services support our academic mission and purpose. By gathering accurate data and gaining insight into our end-to-end processes and resourcing of services and activities at UBC, UniForum can help frame and support UBC’s strategic planning at all levels, as well as improve implementation of important transformational projects.

The UniForum program now has 56 participating post-secondary institutions worldwide — universities in Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and seven in Canada, including UBC, University of Toronto, McMaster University, York University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Simon Fraser University.