Envisio for VPFO Strategic & Business Planning

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The VPFO has had limited consistency and visibility into our strategic or business planning processes. That means we have been unable to provide meaningful progress updates on how we are accomplishing our plans. To resolve this, we are implementing a software package called Envisio across the portfolio, which will act as a repository for our plans and support the collection and reporting of our progress.

What is Envisio and how will this help us?

Envisio is a cloud-based software solution that enables users to create strategic plans and update progress — all in one place. Its built-in reporting functionality allows us to create customized ad-hoc reports to review progress.

As we work to go forward as one team in the VPFO, we are standardizing governance, the planning process, terminology, and how we report on progress — Envisio will become the tool to support these changes.

What is changing for the VPFO?

In the past, strategic planning was done at the portfolio level, while business plans were developed by departments independently with minimal inter-department transparency. There was also a lack of consistency in collecting data and tracking processes.

With Envisio, teams can enter and update their Strategic & Business Plans directly in the software and view their progress easily in built-in dashboards. More importantly, Envisio will provide clear visibility and transparency into how each of our work fits into VPFO’s strategic plan and helps us identify areas where we can increase efficiency in our work and work better as one team.

What does our community need to do?

Envisio is an easy and intuitive software to use. To ensure smooth adoption of the solution, team members who are responsible for tracking and reporting progress will be invited to attend a two-hour training session, led by an Envisio implementation consultant. By the end of training, users should be equipped to navigate the solution and enter data for their business plans.

More helpful resources, including instructional videos, FAQs, and knowledge base, will be available on the Envisio Resource page.

For any questions, please contact envisio.help@ubc.ca.