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Pulu Rana joins Operational Excellence as Business Data Analyst

Reporting to Jeff Lei, Business Intelligence Manager, Pulu will specialize in Planon reporting and support other business intelligence and continuous improvement projects. Pulu brings to UBC over 20 years of experience as a Business Systems Analyst across various industries, including eCommerce, telecom, insurance, and health care.

Facilities’ Stores team putting Lean Six Sigma into practice

As many of us embark on our Lean Six Sigma journey, the Stores team from Building Operations has been actively putting their learnings to work in applying their learnings to their workspace. The Stores team decided to 5S the front space of the Stores area — take a look at the before & after.

Lance Adams joining Operational Excellence as Business Analyst, Safety & Risk Services

Lance previously worked as a Business Analyst at UBC as part of the EMMS/Plannon and Workday implementations. His role will be dedicated to information systems transformation, and operational excellence projects within the SRS portfolio.

Newly added Yellow Belt Project Tool Vault

As more team members complete their Yellow Belt training over the next few months, Operational Excellence has added some helpful resources, including checklists and templates, that will guide you to produce a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma report.

Making the MOST of a problem with Lean Six Sigma

Last week, we learned all about the DMAIC framework and how it serves as a driver of change. In the final part of this series, we will discuss the importance of creating a problem statement and how it helps you make effective and sustainable change at UBC.

How Lean Six Sigma drives change at UBC and beyond

In part one of this series, we looked at a foundational understanding of Lean Six Sigma. We learned that Lean Six Sigma is a process-focused approach to driving operational excellence across functional areas. This week, we’ll focus on how Lean Six Sigma can be used across UBC to make better business decisions and drive operational excellence.

Building a foundation in Lean Six Sigma

In the coming weeks, we will dive into the world of Lean Six Sigma together, from breaking down basic terminologies to discovering how it promotes a UBC-wide mindset of collaboration, continuous improvement, and growth. In the first part of this series, we’ll look at the fundamentals of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

What is Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt?

Black Belt is the final level of expertise in Lean Six Sigma, where professionals are trained to lead organizational changes as well as coach and mentor Black and Green Belts at UBC. With advanced knowledge in Lean Six Sigma and robust experience in managing complex improvement projects, Master Black Belts play a key role in […]

What is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

Black Belt is the level of expertise in Lean Six Sigma, before reaching the final level of Master Black Belt. Professionals are trained to drive change and play a strong leadership role at UBC. With advanced knowledge in Lean Six Sigma concepts and frameworks, Black Belts lead Green Belts in complex improvement projects and help […]

What is Lean Green Belt?

A Lean Green Belt is the intermediate level that prepares professionals to solve business process problems and take charge of more complex improvement projects at UBC. Lean Six Sigma uses the metaphor of martial arts belts to explain each team members’ role in advancing a project and ability to use the tools provided by Lean […]

What is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

A Yellow Belt begins the journey of Lean Six Sigma development, where professionals gain a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma methods, and start to build the hands-on skills needed to lead and support process improvement projects at UBC. Lean Six Sigma uses the metaphor of martial arts belts to explain each team members’ role […]

What is Lean Six Sigma White Belt?

A Lean Six Sigma White Belt is the starting place where professionals gain a foundational understanding of the purpose, terms and tools used in Lean Six Sigma. It is a prerequisite for higher levels of training, where team members will learn to apply the tools to implement change at UBC. Lean Six Sigma uses the […]

So you’ve earned your Lean Six Sigma White Belt… What’s next?

As you complete your training, you may be wondering what’s next? Well, there’s a few things you can do right now to help us spread the culture of Lean Six Sigma in the VPFO.

Operational Excellence rolling out Lean Six Sigma training across the VPFO

In the VPFO Townhall on July 15, 2021, our Vice President, Peter Smailes announced Operational Excellence will begin a rollout of a VPFO-wide Lean Six Sigma training in alignment with our strategic plan.   

Procurement Modernization update — Sharing our service delivery levels

Since Workday go-live our Financial Operations and Operational Excellence teams in the VPFO have been developing ways to share key metrics relating to service delivery that are pulled from UBC’s new HR and Finance system.

UniForum activity on hold until fall 2021

With the impact of COVID-19 and the implementation of Workday last fall, UBC decided to put UniForum activity on hold for 2020/2021. Over the next few months, you will be hearing more about this year’s UniForum program from our UniForum project team. 

Survey to Gather Feedback on HR / Finance Administrative Processes

On June 1, randomly selected faculty and staff across the UBC community will be asked for their insight into how selected Workday processes have stabilized, improved, or require attention post go-live.

Hayley MacDonald

Continuous Improvement Program Manager

Pearle Lundeen

Business Analyst

Shirlett Hall-Edward

Business Data Analyst

June Zhu

Business Data Analyst

Ann Ogawa

Senior Administrative Assistant & Executive Assistant to the AVP

David Pepin

Operational Excellence Knowledge Transfer Manager

Jeff Lei

Business Intelligence Manager

Alex Fiuza

Service Excellence Transformation (SET) Project Senior Manager

Janice Weigel

Senior Director, PMO

New team members join the VPFO Operational Excellence team

As part of an effort to improve efficiencies and cost-savings while achieving service excellence within the VPFO, some team members of the Business Services team in Customer Services & Informatics (CSI) will be transitioning to the newly formed Operational Excellence team.