Reducing benefit-related support request volume through Lean Six Sigma

Integrated Service Centre’s Change Management & Communications team used Lean Six Sigma to improve their benefit-related support requests by 40%.

Liam Murphy is a Knowledge and Training Analyst with UBC’s Integrated Service Centre (ISC). Applying his knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, Liam implemented updates to several Workday training courses that contributed towards a 40% decrease in the volume of benefit-related support requests over the 12-month period from December 2021 to December 2022.


After analyzing historical support requests, Liam observed that UBC employees frequently ask questions about their benefits and how to manage them in Workday. This topic was a significant volume driver for the ISC Service Desk, representing approximately 10% of the total request volume, and consistently appeared in the top three most asked-about topics on a weekly basis.


Applying his new Lean Six Sigma knowledge and techniques, Liam identified trends in the questions being asked by community members, many of which related to straightforward knowledge gaps. This information was used to supplement Workday training courses with demand-driven content focused on filling the knowledge gaps, resulting in increased user confidence and reduced need for additional support. UBC community members can process changes to their benefits more quickly, and the ISC Service Desk has increased its capacity for handling other requests.

The ISC constantly evaluates the Workday system, training, and knowledge materials, and is excited to apply this methodology to other topics in an effort to further improve user proficiency and experience.