Green Belt Project Tool Vault

Below are some helpful resources that will help you produce a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma report.


In this section, you will find templates on project reporting, project selection, and analysis, as well as tools that will assist you in identifying key components in your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project.


This is the phase where you formulate a problem statement. Your goal is to identify and describe the Critical to Quality (CTQ)/business issue, the customer, and the involved core business process.


Measuring the process enables you to determine its current performance and quantify the problem. This includes validating the measurement system and establishing a baseline process capability.


Your goal in the Analyze phase is to find and validate the root causes of business problems and ensure that improvement is focused on causes rather than symptoms.


The Improve phase focuses on developing ideas on how to remove sources of variation in the process, and involves testing and standardizing potential solutions. Your goal is to understand what is really occurring in the process and not what is perceived to be the root cause(s) of any variation.



This is the final stage where you embed the new practice within the organization. This phase ensures the solution is properly implemented, documented, measured, and maintained.


In this section, you will find tools that are related to a more Lean approach to problem-solving, notably on Lean Diagnostics and on identifying value-added and non value-added processes.