Leveraging Smartsheet for project planning and tracking

VPFO Project Management Office uses Smartsheet, a modern project and work management tool, to manage project plans, track deliverables and report on key project milestones. To ensure seamless communication with key stakeholders, we have also developed a user-friendly dashboard that offers regular updates on project status.

Safety and Risk Services (SRS) within the VPFO has also recently embraced these tools to empower its team members in project delivery. Last week, a kickoff training session was held for individuals responsible for managing major projects in SRS. The sessionĀ was filled with insightful activities and engaging teambuilding exercises that focused on common themes and challenges faced by project managers. In addition, participants were provided with a comprehensive run-through of Smartsheet and the tools available to set them up for successful project management.

Special thanks to Safety and Risk Services team for their collaboration and willingness to adopt new tools and templates. We are excited to see the team drive projects forward with their new project management knowledge!