UBC launches fifth year of the UniForum program

In 2017, UBC joined over 40 post-secondary institutions from around the world to participate in the UniForum program — a study to gain a better understanding of our staffing resources across the organization by capturing data about services that support our learning and working environment.  

The UniForum program measures year-over-year service improvements, and has been conducted in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021, providing the university with the ability to benchmark against other institutions of similar scale and complexity, and to develop best practices in support of service delivery.  

This year we are launching year 5 of the program, and from May 29 to June 30 we will be collecting data relating to all professional staff at UBC, to better understand the types of activities they perform on a daily basis. Services include Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), Facilities Management, External Engagement, Research Administration, Student Support, and Teaching Development, Governance, General Administration, Library, Teach Administration, Research Facilities Support, and Complementary Activities.   

Later in the year, the UniForum@UBC team will launch the Service Effectiveness Survey with over 4000 academic and professional staff at UBC. Results from the study provide insights into the effectiveness of university services as experienced by employees and help UBC assess where effort should be invested to improve and learn from areas that are working well. The insights and connections provided by survey respondents will continue to help frame and support UBC’s Strategic Plan, as well as inform improvements to important processes and systems, such as Workday 

If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to the UniForum@UBC team at uniforum.help@ubc.ca.