Celebrating Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Graduates

On November 24, Operational Excellence hosted its second ceremony event at the Performance Theatre in The Nest to celebrate our most recent Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt graduates, who completed a rigorous program to become officially certified as Lean Six Sigma practitioners

In her opening speech, Elana Mignosa, AVP, Finance & Operational Excellence acknowledged these graduates’ achievements and hard work. “We wanted to hold this event to personally thank you, dear graduates, for your time and efforts in completing these fantastic projects that will have a true impact on our operations, not only today but for the foreseeable future,” said Elana.

John Metras. VP, Interim Vice-President, Operations also spoke about the importance of Lean Six Sigma training to the university. “In line with UBC’s Vision, Purpose and Values, and the VPFO’s Strategic Goals and Objectives, the Lean Six Sigma Training Program is the first step in shifting the mindset on how we approach Continuous Improvement, develop our people and truly shaping UBC’s Next Century,” explains John.

The graduates’ continuous improvement projects were hung up on the wall for display, offering the opportunity to show how they’ve applied the new tools at work and learn about each other’s projects.

Please join us in congratulating our graduates for becoming certified:

  • Calvin K. Cheung
  • Elizabeth Lara
  • Gardenia Honorio
  • Joshua Wauthy
  • Mike Paley
  • Robin Short
  • Sean Lynch
  • Sean Zheng
  • Tarkan Serim

  • Joan Mar
  • John Mendes

  • Alex Fiuza (Green Belt)
  • Chris Bastien
  • Etta Chow (Green Belt)
  • Eva Cheung (Green Belt)
  • Gauri Garg
  • Jeff Lei
  • Lance Adams
  • Pulu Rana
  • Shirlett Hall

  • Chen Shi
  • Diwen Gu

  • Blossom Sobrinho
  • Mardi Henderson
  • Nick Sagliocco
  • Sammy Lam


  • Holly Rail
  • Patricia Paz


  • Matt Furgal, HR Manager (Green Belt)

  • Attile Andino
  • Bhargavi Raghavendran
  • Calvin Cheung
  • Cynthia Bai
  • Eloho Sylvia Sido
  • Heather McKie
  • Kelvin Chan
  • Shawn Shenfield

  • Sophia Redmond, Senior Manager, Strategic and Decision Support

  • Alex Brand
  • Ani Hosepyan
  • Sandy Tanaka

  • Ali Bouharrak
  • David Horan
  • May Pang